Holly Gleave
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10 Hours for Girls

She Says is a global network for women in the creative industries. I was first introduced to She Says through their mentoring programme, 'Who's your momma?'. I have recently joined the SheSays Committee as a member meaning i will continue to work in collaboration with the network to host events and workshops. 

The event '10 hours for girls' was to promote an initiative by SheSays and SPRING, an accelerator for businesses seeking to innovate and make a significant positive impact on the lives of adolescent girls across East Africa and South Asia. 

SPRING have partnered with SheSays to enlist the smarts and skills of our community, by offering 26 women (out of a hundred people who signed up), the opportunity to donate 10 hours of their time to make this event a reality.

Find out more about She Says here – www.weareshesays.com